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System Techno

System Techno

Touch Loops


Inspired by Swedens finest techno label, these hard hitting Drumcode samples are perfect for shaking any system or club. With a nod to the sounds of Adam Beyer, Dubfire and more, each analogue heavy loop and one shot will be the perfect addition to any techno producers sample library. From iconic stab patterns to manipulated drum machines its all inside.

Created by the techno aficionado Zariis, his all analogue signal chain in conjunction with years of producing have crafted a selection of mix ready, dub techno inspired samples that we know you’ll love.

Inside you’ll find rolling stab patterns, dub tinged FX processing, analogue sub bass lines, driving kick patterns, dense atmospheres, MIDI for all music loops and over 350+ one shots that will operate as the perfect techno toolkit. From the amazing drum hits to single bass, synth and stab notes you’ll never come short in finding inspiration or vibe.

So, if you’re looking at add some classic techno tones to your collection then this ones for you – techno royalty performed, mixed and created with the club always in site.

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All Samples Name Key BPM
125_Fm_CavernStabs 125_Fm_CavernStabs F 125
125_Fm_LowStabs 125_Fm_LowStabs F 125
125_Fm_NoiseStabs 125_Fm_NoiseStabs F 125
125_Fm_BuildUpStabs 125_Fm_BuildUpStabs F 125
125_Fm_BreakDownStabs 125_Fm_BreakDownStabs F 125
122_Cm_SystemPads_09_TL 122_Cm_SystemPads_09_TL C 122
122_Fm_SystemPads_02_TL 122_Fm_SystemPads_02_TL F 122
122_Cm_SystemPads_05_TL 122_Cm_SystemPads_05_TL C 122
128_Fm_SystemPads_27_TL 128_Fm_SystemPads_27_TL F 128
128_Am_SystemPads_22_TL 128_Am_SystemPads_22_TL A 128
128_Am_SystemPads_18_TL 128_Am_SystemPads_18_TL A 128
122_Am_SystemPads_15_TL 122_Am_SystemPads_15_TL A 122
128_Am_SystemPads_20_TL 128_Am_SystemPads_20_TL A 128
128_Am_SystemPads_16_TL 128_Am_SystemPads_16_TL A 128
122_Cm_SystemPads_07_TL 122_Cm_SystemPads_07_TL C 122
128_Fm_SystemPads_29_TL 128_Fm_SystemPads_29_TL F 128
128_Fm_SystemPads_25_TL 128_Fm_SystemPads_25_TL F 128
122_Am_SystemPads_13_TL 122_Am_SystemPads_13_TL A 122
122_Fm_SystemPads_04_TL 122_Fm_SystemPads_04_TL F 122
128_Fm_SystemPads_23_TL 128_Fm_SystemPads_23_TL F 128
122_Am_SystemPads_11_TL 122_Am_SystemPads_11_TL A 122
128_Am_SystemPads_19_TL 128_Am_SystemPads_19_TL A 128
122_Am_SystemPads_14_TL 122_Am_SystemPads_14_TL A 122
128_Fm_SystemPads_26_TL 128_Fm_SystemPads_26_TL F 128
122_Fm_SystemPads_03_TL 122_Fm_SystemPads_03_TL F 122
122_Cm_SystemPads_08_TL 122_Cm_SystemPads_08_TL C 122
128_Fm_SystemPads_28_TL 128_Fm_SystemPads_28_TL F 128
128_Fm_SystemPads_24_TL 128_Fm_SystemPads_24_TL F 128
122_Cm_SystemPads_06_TL 122_Cm_SystemPads_06_TL C 122
122_Fm_SystemPads_01_TL 122_Fm_SystemPads_01_TL F 122
128_Am_SystemPads_17_TL 128_Am_SystemPads_17_TL A 128
128_Am_SystemPads_21_TL 128_Am_SystemPads_21_TL A 128
122_Cm_SystemPads_10_TL 122_Cm_SystemPads_10_TL C 122
122_Am_SystemPads_12_TL 122_Am_SystemPads_12_TL A 122
128_Fm_SystemPads_30_TL 128_Fm_SystemPads_30_TL F 128
122_Am_SystemBass_02_TL 122_Am_SystemBass_02_TL A 122
122_Am_SystemBass_10_TL 122_Am_SystemBass_10_TL A 122
122_Fm_SystemBass_15_TL 122_Fm_SystemBass_15_TL F 122
122_Fm_SystemBass_23_TL 122_Fm_SystemBass_23_TL F 122
122_Fm_SystemBass_21_TL 122_Fm_SystemBass_21_TL F 122
122_Fm_SystemBass_25_TL 122_Fm_SystemBass_25_TL F 122
122_Fm_SystemBass_29_TL 122_Fm_SystemBass_29_TL F 122
122_Fm_SystemBass_13_TL 122_Fm_SystemBass_13_TL F 122
122_Cm_SystemBass_18_TL 122_Cm_SystemBass_18_TL C 122
122_Am_SystemBass_04_TL 122_Am_SystemBass_04_TL A 122
122_Am_SystemBass_08_TL 122_Am_SystemBass_08_TL A 122
122_Am_SystemBass_06_TL 122_Am_SystemBass_06_TL A 122
122_Cm_SystemBass_20_TL 122_Cm_SystemBass_20_TL C 122
122_Fm_SystemBass_27_TL 122_Fm_SystemBass_27_TL F 122
122_Fm_SystemBass_11_TL 122_Fm_SystemBass_11_TL F 122
122_Cm_SystemBass_16_TL 122_Cm_SystemBass_16_TL C 122
122_Fm_SystemBass_22_TL 122_Fm_SystemBass_22_TL F 122
122_Fm_SystemBass_30_TL 122_Fm_SystemBass_30_TL F 122
122_Fm_SystemBass_14_TL 122_Fm_SystemBass_14_TL F 122
122_Am_SystemBass_03_TL 122_Am_SystemBass_03_TL A 122
122_Am_SystemBass_01_TL 122_Am_SystemBass_01_TL A 122
122_Am_SystemBass_05_TL 122_Am_SystemBass_05_TL A 122
122_Am_SystemBass_09_TL 122_Am_SystemBass_09_TL A 122
122_Cm_SystemBass_19_TL 122_Cm_SystemBass_19_TL C 122
122_Fm_SystemBass_12_TL 122_Fm_SystemBass_12_TL F 122
122_Fm_SystemBass_24_TL 122_Fm_SystemBass_24_TL F 122
122_Fm_SystemBass_28_TL 122_Fm_SystemBass_28_TL F 122
122_Cm_SystemBass_17_TL 122_Cm_SystemBass_17_TL C 122
122_Fm_SystemBass_26_TL 122_Fm_SystemBass_26_TL F 122
122_Am_SystemBass_07_TL 122_Am_SystemBass_07_TL A 122
122_Fm_SystemSynths_08_TL 122_Fm_SystemSynths_08_TL F 122
122_Am_SystemSynths_02_TL 122_Am_SystemSynths_02_TL A 122
122_Fm_SystemSynths_22_TL 122_Fm_SystemSynths_22_TL F 122
122_Cm_SystemSynths_15_TL 122_Cm_SystemSynths_15_TL C 122
128_Cm_SystemSynths_29_TL 128_Cm_SystemSynths_29_TL C 128
122_Fm_SystemSynths_26_TL 122_Fm_SystemSynths_26_TL F 122
122_Cm_SystemSynths_11_TL 122_Cm_SystemSynths_11_TL C 122
122_Fm_SystemSynths_10_TL 122_Fm_SystemSynths_10_TL F 122
122_BFlat_SystemSynths_04_TL 122_BFlat_SystemSynths_04_TL B 122
128_Fm_SystemSynths_20_TL 128_Fm_SystemSynths_20_TL F 128
128_Fm_SystemSynths_16_TL 128_Fm_SystemSynths_16_TL F 128