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Textural Electronica

Textural Electronica

Touch Loops

Textural Electronica is a stunning foray into the world of audio manipulation, location recordings and found sound goodness.

Through painstaking journeys into both urban and natural environments this incredibly beautiful collection perfectly add an organic feel to any composition. With sounds ranging from minimal wooden clicks to other worldly synth leads & pads, this stunning sample collection just oozes attention to detail and class.

Referencing house, garage and electronica each loop has been lovingly processed and manipulated to provide something much greater than the sum of it's parts. Included you'll find beautifully crisp organic drum & percussion loops, twisted and manipulated live recordings, abstract violin phrases, emotive guitar and tuned percussion hooks, warm analogue synth phrases and lush organic soundscapes ideal for all genres of music.

With inspirations from all fields of electronica this bespoke sample collection guarantees to breath fresh life into any previously lacking composition or sample collection. We've also included an epic collection of organic drum one shots perfect for your sampler of choice and not forgetting the midi. One for the real admirers of texture, emotion and grit we just know you're going to love it as much as we do and will provide an amazing insight into the world of manipulated foley.

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All Samples Name Key BPM
Snare_TL_10 Snare_TL_10
Snare_TL_09 Snare_TL_09
Snare_TL_08 Snare_TL_08
Snare_TL_07 Snare_TL_07
Snare_TL_06 Snare_TL_06
Snare_TL_05 Snare_TL_05
Snare_TL_04 Snare_TL_04
Snare_TL_03 Snare_TL_03
Snare_TL_02 Snare_TL_02
Snare_TL_01 Snare_TL_01
WaterTexture_TL_02 WaterTexture_TL_02
WaterTexture_TL_01 WaterTexture_TL_01
OrangeTexture_TL_01 OrangeTexture_TL_01
NoiseHit_TL_01 NoiseHit_TL_01
MetallicRain_TL_01 MetallicRain_TL_01
90_ShakeTexture_TL_01 90_ShakeTexture_TL_01 90
90_Riser_TL01 90_Riser_TL01 90
90_Downlifter_TL_03 90_Downlifter_TL_03 90
90_Downlifter_TL_02 90_Downlifter_TL_02 90
85_RisingSine_TL_01 85_RisingSine_TL_01 85
85_Downlifter_TL_01 85_Downlifter_TL_01 85
WoodPerc_TL_10 WoodPerc_TL_10
WoodPerc_TL_09 WoodPerc_TL_09
WoodPerc_TL_08 WoodPerc_TL_08
WoodPerc_TL_07 WoodPerc_TL_07
WoodPerc_TL_06 WoodPerc_TL_06
WoodPerc_TL_05 WoodPerc_TL_05
WoodPerc_TL_04 WoodPerc_TL_04
WoodPerc_TL_03 WoodPerc_TL_03
WoodPerc_TL_02 WoodPerc_TL_02
WoodPerc_TL_01 WoodPerc_TL_01
SynthPop_TL_01 SynthPop_TL_01
Shaker_TL_06 Shaker_TL_06
Shaker_TL_05 Shaker_TL_05
Shaker_TL_04 Shaker_TL_04
Shaker_TL_03 Shaker_TL_03
Shaker_TL_02 Shaker_TL_02
Shaker_TL_01 Shaker_TL_01
Scrape_TL_01 Scrape_TL_01
ResoDrum_TL_03 ResoDrum_TL_03
ResoDrum_TL_02 ResoDrum_TL_02
ResoDrum_TL_01 ResoDrum_TL_01
MetalPerc_TL_07 MetalPerc_TL_07
MetalPerc_TL_06 MetalPerc_TL_06
MetalPerc_TL_04 MetalPerc_TL_04
MetalPerc_TL_03 MetalPerc_TL_03
MetalPerc_TL_01 MetalPerc_TL_01
FlamHit_TL_02 FlamHit_TL_02
FlamHit_TL_01 FlamHit_TL_01
FizzDrum_TL_01 FizzDrum_TL_01
EchoPerc_TL_01 EchoPerc_TL_01
DarkGong_TL_02 DarkGong_TL_02
DarkGong_TL_01 DarkGong_TL_01
BottleHit_TL_04 BottleHit_TL_04
BottleHit_TL_03 BottleHit_TL_03
BottleHit_TL_02 BottleHit_TL_02
BottleHit_TL_01 BottleHit_TL_01
BitPop_TL_01 BitPop_TL_01
Kick_TL_10 Kick_TL_10
Kick_TL_09 Kick_TL_09
Kick_TL_08 Kick_TL_08
Kick_TL_07 Kick_TL_07
Kick_TL_06 Kick_TL_06
Kick_TL_05 Kick_TL_05
Kick_TL_04 Kick_TL_04
Kick_TL_03 Kick_TL_03
Kick_TL_02 Kick_TL_02
Kick_TL_01 Kick_TL_01
OpenHat_TL_04 OpenHat_TL_04
OpenHat_TL_03 OpenHat_TL_03
OpenHat_TL_02 OpenHat_TL_02
OpenHat_TL_01 OpenHat_TL_01
ClosedHat_TL_08 ClosedHat_TL_08
ClosedHat_TL_07 ClosedHat_TL_07
ClosedHat_TL_06 ClosedHat_TL_06
ClosedHat_TL_05 ClosedHat_TL_05
ClosedHat_TL_04 ClosedHat_TL_04
ClosedHat_TL_03 ClosedHat_TL_03
ClosedHat_TL_02 ClosedHat_TL_02
ClosedHat_TL_01 ClosedHat_TL_01
Ride_TL_04 Ride_TL_04
Ride_TL_03 Ride_TL_03
RIde_TL_02 RIde_TL_02
Ride_TL_01 Ride_TL_01
Crash_TL_04 Crash_TL_04
Crash_TL_03 Crash_TL_03
Crash_TL_02 Crash_TL_02
Crash_TL_01 Crash_TL_01
Clap_TL_10 Clap_TL_10