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These Are The Kicks

These Are The Kicks

New Loops

These are the Kicks features 210 multi-sampled Kick Drums in Ableton Live, Propellerheads Reason, Battery, and Wav formats.

Made on an Elektron Analog Rytm drum machine, these are The Kicks has 30 original Kicks tuned in seven different keys providing 210 variations. Each Kick is tuned in keys D, E, F, G, A, B, C  and arranged in 30 separate folders and all key labelled. We've also included 25 Kick sound effects as a bonus!

This kick drum pack has been designed for use in Electronic Dance Music and is suitable for a wide range of genres including EDM, Techno, House, Trance, Trap, Dubstep, Electro and many others.

As with all New Loops sample packs, once purchased These Are The Kicks is 100% royalty free to use in your songs and audio productions.

These Are The Kicks is available in 4 separate formats - Wav Pack, Ableton Live Pack, Reason ReFill, and Native Instruments Battery Kits (sold separately). Each format includes all features of the Audio Wav Pack plus format-specific features as detailed below.

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All Samples Name Key BPM
TATK_Kick-FX25 TATK_Kick-FX25
TATK_Kick-FX24 TATK_Kick-FX24
TATK_Kick-FX23 TATK_Kick-FX23
TATK_Kick-FX22 TATK_Kick-FX22
TATK_Kick-FX21 TATK_Kick-FX21
TATK_Kick-FX20 TATK_Kick-FX20
TATK_Kick-FX19 TATK_Kick-FX19
TATK_Kick-FX18 TATK_Kick-FX18
TATK_Kick-FX17 TATK_Kick-FX17
TATK_Kick-FX16 TATK_Kick-FX16
TATK_Kick-FX15 TATK_Kick-FX15
TATK_Kick-FX14 TATK_Kick-FX14
TATK_Kick-FX13 TATK_Kick-FX13
TATK_Kick-FX12 TATK_Kick-FX12
TATK_Kick-FX11 TATK_Kick-FX11
TATK_Kick-FX10 TATK_Kick-FX10
TATK_Kick030(G) TATK_Kick030(G) G
TATK_Kick030(F) TATK_Kick030(F) F
TATK_Kick030(E) TATK_Kick030(E) E
TATK_Kick030(D) TATK_Kick030(D) D
TATK_Kick030(C) TATK_Kick030(C) C
TATK_Kick030(B) TATK_Kick030(B) B
TATK_Kick030(A) TATK_Kick030(A) A
TATK_Kick029(G) TATK_Kick029(G) G
TATK_Kick029(F) TATK_Kick029(F) F
TATK_Kick029(E) TATK_Kick029(E) E
TATK_Kick029(D) TATK_Kick029(D) D
TATK_Kick029(C) TATK_Kick029(C) C
TATK_Kick029(B) TATK_Kick029(B) B
TATK_Kick029(A) TATK_Kick029(A) A
TATK_Kick028(G) TATK_Kick028(G) G
TATK_Kick028(F) TATK_Kick028(F) F
TATK_Kick028(E) TATK_Kick028(E) E
TATK_Kick028(D) TATK_Kick028(D) D
TATK_Kick028(C) TATK_Kick028(C) C
TATK_Kick028(B) TATK_Kick028(B) B
TATK_Kick028(A) TATK_Kick028(A) A
TATK_Kick027(G) TATK_Kick027(G) G
TATK_Kick027(F) TATK_Kick027(F) F
TATK_Kick027(E) TATK_Kick027(E) E
TATK_Kick027(D) TATK_Kick027(D) D
TATK_Kick027(C) TATK_Kick027(C) C
TATK_Kick027(B) TATK_Kick027(B) B
TATK_Kick027(A) TATK_Kick027(A) A
TATK_Kick026(G) TATK_Kick026(G) G
TATK_Kick026(F) TATK_Kick026(F) F
TATK_Kick026(E) TATK_Kick026(E) E
TATK_Kick026(D) TATK_Kick026(D) D
TATK_Kick026(C) TATK_Kick026(C) C
TATK_Kick026(B) TATK_Kick026(B) B
TATK_Kick026(A) TATK_Kick026(A) A
TATK_Kick025(G) TATK_Kick025(G) G
TATK_Kick025(F) TATK_Kick025(F) F
TATK_Kick025(E) TATK_Kick025(E) E
TATK_Kick025(D) TATK_Kick025(D) D
TATK_Kick025(C) TATK_Kick025(C) C
TATK_Kick025(B) TATK_Kick025(B) B
TATK_Kick025(A) TATK_Kick025(A) A
TATK_Kick024(G) TATK_Kick024(G) G
TATK_Kick024(F) TATK_Kick024(F) F
TATK_Kick024(E) TATK_Kick024(E) E
TATK_Kick024(D) TATK_Kick024(D) D
TATK_Kick024(C) TATK_Kick024(C) C
TATK_Kick024(B) TATK_Kick024(B) B
TATK_Kick024(A) TATK_Kick024(A) A