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Tokyo Electro

Tokyo Electro

Touch Loops

Influenced by the underground electronic music scene of Tokyo and inspired by artists such as Seiho, Sam Gallaitry, Tofu Beats and more we present to you Tokyo Electro. This bespoke sample collection offers something away from the beaten track. From off kilter phrasing to previously unheard textures, this collection offers inspiration at every turn.

Divided down into incredibly useful construction kits, the collection is full of future bass loops and samples, playful drum machine grooves, hip-hop inspired rhythms, bubbly synth loops, organic textures and everything else you could need to add the flavours of Japan to your very own collection - just check out the demo!

As always, we’ve included a huge bank of hard hitting drum one shots, midi for all musical loops and location setting Japanese phrases for extra authenticity. An incredibly unique sample pack that we know you’re going to reach for time and time again.

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All Samples Name Key BPM
140_FMaj_Synth_Metal Blossom_TL 140_FMaj_Synth_Metal Blossom_TL F 140
140_FMaj_Drum_Synthy Groove_02_TL 140_FMaj_Drum_Synthy Groove_02_TL F 140
140_FMaj_Drum_Synthy Groove_01_TL 140_FMaj_Drum_Synthy Groove_01_TL F 140
140_FMaj_Drum_Perc Rocker_TL 140_FMaj_Drum_Perc Rocker_TL F 140
140_Drum_Wide Wet Claps_TL 140_Drum_Wide Wet Claps_TL 140
140_Drum_Room Kick Hard_TL 140_Drum_Room Kick Hard_TL 140
140_Runthat_TL_01 140_Runthat_TL_01 140
140_PhaseShakes_TL_01 140_PhaseShakes_TL_01 140
140_PhaseShake_TL_02 140_PhaseShake_TL_02 140
140_F#maj_Synth_Sweet Roller_TL 140_F#maj_Synth_Sweet Roller_TL F 140
140_F#maj_Synth_Sweet Lead_TL 140_F#maj_Synth_Sweet Lead_TL F 140
140_F#maj_Synth_Sweet Lead_Solo_TL 140_F#maj_Synth_Sweet Lead_Solo_TL F 140
140_F#maj_Synth_Rising_Whistle_TL 140_F#maj_Synth_Rising_Whistle_TL F 140
140_F#maj_Synth_Noodle Down_TL 140_F#maj_Synth_Noodle Down_TL F 140
140_F#maj_Synth_Lounge Love_TL 140_F#maj_Synth_Lounge Love_TL F 140
140_F#maj_Synth_Kicky Bass_TL 140_F#maj_Synth_Kicky Bass_TL F 140
140_F#maj_Synth_Digi Whistle_TL 140_F#maj_Synth_Digi Whistle_TL F 140
140_F#maj_Synth_Blissful Rising_TL 140_F#maj_Synth_Blissful Rising_TL F 140
140_F#maj_Bass_Fat Bassline_TL 140_F#maj_Bass_Fat Bassline_TL F 140
140_Drums_Robo Rhythm_TL 140_Drums_Robo Rhythm_TL 140
140_Drums_Click Snaps_TL 140_Drums_Click Snaps_TL 140
140_Thin Hihat_Drums_TL 140_Thin Hihat_Drums_TL 140
140_PartyClapsBuildUps_TL_01 140_PartyClapsBuildUps_TL_01 140
140_PartyClaps_TL_01 140_PartyClaps_TL_01 140
140_Kick Machine Groove_Drums_TL 140_Kick Machine Groove_Drums_TL 140
140_F#_Synth_Waow Lead_TL 140_F#_Synth_Waow Lead_TL F 140
140_F#_Synth_Dub Modded_TL 140_F#_Synth_Dub Modded_TL F 140
140_F#_Synth_Dub Chords_TL 140_F#_Synth_Dub Chords_TL F 140
140_F#_Synth_Distant Res Chord_TL 140_F#_Synth_Distant Res Chord_TL F 140
140_F#_Synth_City Lights_TL 140_F#_Synth_City Lights_TL F 140
140_F#_Synth_Bright Asia Lead_TL 140_F#_Synth_Bright Asia Lead_TL F 140
140_Drums_FX Snare_TL 140_Drums_FX Snare_TL 140
140_Drums_Bontempi Perc_TL 140_Drums_Bontempi Perc_TL 140
140_Tom Fills_drums_TL 140_Tom Fills_drums_TL 140
140_Kick groove_drums_TL 140_Kick groove_drums_TL 140
140_Hihat groove_drums_TL 140_Hihat groove_drums_TL 140
140_F_Synth_water colours_TL 140_F_Synth_water colours_TL F 140
140_F_Synth_poppies_TL 140_F_Synth_poppies_TL F 140
140_F_Synth_poppies_2_TL 140_F_Synth_poppies_2_TL F 140
140_F_Synth_chord colours_TL 140_F_Synth_chord colours_TL F 140
140_F_Bass_subby_TL 140_F_Bass_subby_TL F 140
140_F_Bass_subby_2_TL 140_F_Bass_subby_2_TL F 140
140_MetalClaps_Drums_TL 140_MetalClaps_Drums_TL 140
140_MainKit_Drums_TL 140_MainKit_Drums_TL 140
140_Franks Zapper_Drums_TL 140_Franks Zapper_Drums_TL 140
140_Am_Synth_Warping Bliss Chords_TL 140_Am_Synth_Warping Bliss Chords_TL A 140
140_Am_Synth_Warped Stab Chords_TL 140_Am_Synth_Warped Stab Chords_TL A 140
140_Am_Synth_Sweet Ducky Solo_TL 140_Am_Synth_Sweet Ducky Solo_TL A 140
140_Am_Bass_Thick Osc Bass_TL 140_Am_Bass_Thick Osc Bass_TL A 140
Vox_C_Cmaj_TL Vox_C_Cmaj_TL C
Vox_B_Cmaj__TL Vox_B_Cmaj__TL C
Vox_A_Cmaj_TL Vox_A_Cmaj_TL C
140_RoomKicks_Drums_TL 140_RoomKicks_Drums_TL 140
140_Pattern_Groove_Drums_TL 140_Pattern_Groove_Drums_TL 140
140_Hihat_Groove_Drums_TL 140_Hihat_Groove_Drums_TL 140
140_FullKit_Drums_02_TL 140_FullKit_Drums_02_TL 140
140_FullKit_Drums_01_TL 140_FullKit_Drums_01_TL 140
140_CMaj_Vox_Bup Bup_02_TL 140_CMaj_Vox_Bup Bup_02_TL C 140
140_CMaj_Vox_Bup Bup_01_TL 140_CMaj_Vox_Bup Bup_01_TL C 140
140_Cmaj_Synth_Zap Rhythm_TL 140_Cmaj_Synth_Zap Rhythm_TL C 140
140_Cmaj_Synth_Sustained Chords_TL 140_Cmaj_Synth_Sustained Chords_TL C 140
140_Cmaj_Synth_Stutter Chords_TL 140_Cmaj_Synth_Stutter Chords_TL C 140
140_Cmaj_Synth_Childish Lead_TL 140_Cmaj_Synth_Childish Lead_TL C 140
140_Cmaj_Bass_Warm Sub_TL 140_Cmaj_Bass_Warm Sub_TL C 140
140_Claps_TL 140_Claps_TL 140
Cm7_Vox_Critters_03_TL Cm7_Vox_Critters_03_TL C
140_Kitchen ClankyCm7_Drums_TL 140_Kitchen ClankyCm7_Drums_TL 140
140_Kick Groove_Drums_TL 140_Kick Groove_Drums_TL 140
140_Hihat Loop_Drums_TL 140_Hihat Loop_Drums_TL 140
140_Drums_Hihat Loop_TL_02 140_Drums_Hihat Loop_TL_02 140
140_Cm7_Vox_Critters_02_TL 140_Cm7_Vox_Critters_02_TL C 140
140_Cm7_Vox_Critters_01_TL 140_Cm7_Vox_Critters_01_TL C 140
140_Cm7_Synth_Plucky fifths_TL 140_Cm7_Synth_Plucky fifths_TL C 140
140_Cm7_Synth_Moonlight Arp_TL 140_Cm7_Synth_Moonlight Arp_TL C 140
140_Cm7_Bass_Vintage Synth Sub_TL 140_Cm7_Bass_Vintage Synth Sub_TL C 140
140_Acetate Flickers_Drums_TL 140_Acetate Flickers_Drums_TL 140
140_808 Kicks_Drums_TL 140_808 Kicks_Drums_TL 140
140_Water Clap_Drums_TL 140_Water Clap_Drums_TL 140
140_Retro Snare_Drums_TL 140_Retro Snare_Drums_TL 140
140_Retro Kick_Drums_TL 140_Retro Kick_Drums_TL 140
140_Hihat_Drums_TL 140_Hihat_Drums_TL 140
140_Gm7_Synth_Tremmy chords_TL 140_Gm7_Synth_Tremmy chords_TL G 140
140_Gm7_Synth_Swirling Chords_TL 140_Gm7_Synth_Swirling Chords_TL G 140
140_Gm7_Synth_Splashed Out Chords_TL 140_Gm7_Synth_Splashed Out Chords_TL G 140