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Ultimate Dubstep & Chillstep

Ultimate Dubstep & Chillstep

Audio Masters

'Ultimate Dubstep & Chillstep' by Audio Masters delivers a collection of sounds developed for Chillstep and Dubstep Producers. Inside you will find a collection of heavy Reese basses, fat leads, dreamy plucks and pads, fat drums and more, all ready to inject some thick and crisp analogue sounds into your productions.

Developed using the best analogue and virtual analogue equipment, this pack is your fast-track to creating an outstanding Dubstep and Chillstep tracks.
This product comes with five extended Construction Kits featuring a multiple song sections and a huge selection of unique sounds. Designed and recorded using Access Virus, Elektron Analog Rytm, DSI Prophet 8 and routed through an Apogee Symphony AD/DA and Drawmer 1978 compressor, you can be sure that you will get the highest quality sounds for your tracks.
Dry Construction Kits & Processed/Tail Versions:
Included are dry versions of the Construction Kits, allowing producers to apply their own effect chain to the dry files. Additionally, processed files are also included for each Kit for those looking to drag and drop & work with the files straight away.
Synth Loops:
Looped versions of the synths from this collection are included separately to help producers to implement any synth or bass sound into their own tracks by simply dragging and dropping the files into their DAW.
Drum Loops:
This product also comes with five top quality drum kits, all stripped into parts and labelled for ease of use. These drum kits feature separate drum loops that were recorded using top analogue drum machines. Inside you will find fat analogue kicks, punchy snares, hats and more.
MIDI Files:
Inside you will also find the MIDI data for the majority of the musical phrases heard in the product demo. MIDI data provides an additional flexibility and the opportunity to add your own sounds in the same key along with the included multi-tracks.

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All Samples Name Key BPM
AM_UDC_Triple Stabs_Synth Loop_150bpm AM_UDC_Triple Stabs_Synth Loop_150bpm 150
AM_UDC_Throat_Synth Loop_150bpm AM_UDC_Throat_Synth Loop_150bpm 150
AM_UDC_Throat Bass_Synth Loop_150bpm AM_UDC_Throat Bass_Synth Loop_150bpm 150
AM_UDC_Thin Scream_Synth Loop_150bpm AM_UDC_Thin Scream_Synth Loop_150bpm 150
AM_UDC_Thin Scream_3_Synth Loop_150bpm AM_UDC_Thin Scream_3_Synth Loop_150bpm 150
AM_UDC_Thin Lead_Synth Loop_150bpm AM_UDC_Thin Lead_Synth Loop_150bpm 150
AM_UDC_Sub Bass_Synth Loop_150bpm AM_UDC_Sub Bass_Synth Loop_150bpm 150
AM_UDC_Sub Bass_2_Synth Loop_150bpm AM_UDC_Sub Bass_2_Synth Loop_150bpm 150
AM_UDC_Sub Bass 2_Synth Loop_150bpm AM_UDC_Sub Bass 2_Synth Loop_150bpm 150
AM_UDC_Sub Bass 2_3_Synth Loop_150bpm AM_UDC_Sub Bass 2_3_Synth Loop_150bpm 150
AM_UDC_Sub Bass 2_2_Synth Loop_150bpm AM_UDC_Sub Bass 2_2_Synth Loop_150bpm 150
AM_UDC_Sub Bass 02_Synth Loop_150bpm AM_UDC_Sub Bass 02_Synth Loop_150bpm 150
AM_UDC_Sub Bass 02_3_Synth Loop_150bpm AM_UDC_Sub Bass 02_3_Synth Loop_150bpm 150
AM_UDC_Sub Bass 02_2_Synth Loop_150bpm AM_UDC_Sub Bass 02_2_Synth Loop_150bpm 150
AM_UDC_Sub Bass 01_Synth Loop_150bpm AM_UDC_Sub Bass 01_Synth Loop_150bpm 150
AM_UDC_Sub Bass 01_3_Synth Loop_150bpm AM_UDC_Sub Bass 01_3_Synth Loop_150bpm 150
AM_UDC_Sub Bass 01_2_Synth Loop_150bpm AM_UDC_Sub Bass 01_2_Synth Loop_150bpm 150
AM_UDC_Stab_Synth Loop_150bpm AM_UDC_Stab_Synth Loop_150bpm 150
AM_UDC_Stab Growl_Synth Loop_150bpm AM_UDC_Stab Growl_Synth Loop_150bpm 150
AM_UDC_Square Bass 02_Synth Loop_150bpm AM_UDC_Square Bass 02_Synth Loop_150bpm 150
AM_UDC_Square Bass 01_Synth Loop_150bpm AM_UDC_Square Bass 01_Synth Loop_150bpm 150
AM_UDC_Short Throat_Synth Loop_150bpm AM_UDC_Short Throat_Synth Loop_150bpm 150
AM_UDC_Short Stabs_Synth Loop_150bpm AM_UDC_Short Stabs_Synth Loop_150bpm 150
AM_UDC_Short Laser_Synth Loop_150bpm AM_UDC_Short Laser_Synth Loop_150bpm 150
AM_UDC_Screamy_Synth Loop_150bpm AM_UDC_Screamy_Synth Loop_150bpm 150
AM_UDC_Rough Synth_Synth Loop_150bpm AM_UDC_Rough Synth_Synth Loop_150bpm 150
AM_UDC_Robotic Wow_Synth Loop_150bpm AM_UDC_Robotic Wow_Synth Loop_150bpm 150
AM_UDC_Robotic High_Synth Loop_150bpm AM_UDC_Robotic High_Synth Loop_150bpm 150
AM_UDC_Robot Talk Fast_Synth Loop_150bpm AM_UDC_Robot Talk Fast_Synth Loop_150bpm 150
AM_UDC_Robot Stab_Synth Loop_150bpm AM_UDC_Robot Stab_Synth Loop_150bpm 150
AM_UDC_Rising Scream_Synth Loop_150bpm AM_UDC_Rising Scream_Synth Loop_150bpm 150
AM_UDC_Rising Scream 2_Synth Loop_150bpm AM_UDC_Rising Scream 2_Synth Loop_150bpm 150
AM_UDC_Reversed Reverb_Synth Loop_150bpm AM_UDC_Reversed Reverb_Synth Loop_150bpm 150
AM_UDC_Reversed Reverb_3_Synth Loop_150bpm AM_UDC_Reversed Reverb_3_Synth Loop_150bpm 150
AM_UDC_Reversed Reverb_2_Synth Loop_150bpm AM_UDC_Reversed Reverb_2_Synth Loop_150bpm 150
AM_UDC_Reversed Reverb 02_Synth Loop_150bpm AM_UDC_Reversed Reverb 02_Synth Loop_150bpm 150
AM_UDC_Reversed Reverb 01_Synth Loop_150bpm AM_UDC_Reversed Reverb 01_Synth Loop_150bpm 150
AM_UDC_Reversed Growl_Synth Loop_150bpm AM_UDC_Reversed Growl_Synth Loop_150bpm 150
AM_UDC_Reverse_Synth Loop_150bpm AM_UDC_Reverse_Synth Loop_150bpm 150
AM_UDC_Reverse Synth_Synth Loop_150bpm AM_UDC_Reverse Synth_Synth Loop_150bpm 150
AM_UDC_Reverse Reverb_Synth Loop_150bpm AM_UDC_Reverse Reverb_Synth Loop_150bpm 150
AM_UDC_Plucks_Synth Loop_150bpm AM_UDC_Plucks_Synth Loop_150bpm 150
AM_UDC_Plucks_4_Synth Loop_150bpm AM_UDC_Plucks_4_Synth Loop_150bpm 150
AM_UDC_Plucks_3_Synth Loop_150bpm AM_UDC_Plucks_3_Synth Loop_150bpm 150
AM_UDC_Pluck Chords_Synth Loop_150bpm AM_UDC_Pluck Chords_Synth Loop_150bpm 150
AM_UDC_Pluck Chord_Synth Loop_150bpm AM_UDC_Pluck Chord_Synth Loop_150bpm 150
AM_UDC_Pitched Vocal Cut_Synth Loop_150bpm AM_UDC_Pitched Vocal Cut_Synth Loop_150bpm 150
AM_UDC_Pad_Synth Loop_150bpm AM_UDC_Pad_Synth Loop_150bpm 150
AM_UDC_Pad_2_Synth Loop_150bpm AM_UDC_Pad_2_Synth Loop_150bpm 150
AM_UDC_Pad Intro_Synth Loop_150bpm AM_UDC_Pad Intro_Synth Loop_150bpm 150
AM_UDC_Organ_Synth Loop_150bpm AM_UDC_Organ_Synth Loop_150bpm 150
AM_UDC_Organ_2_Synth Loop_150bpm AM_UDC_Organ_2_Synth Loop_150bpm 150
AM_UDC_Organ 2_Synth Loop_150bpm AM_UDC_Organ 2_Synth Loop_150bpm 150
AM_UDC_Malfunction_Synth Loop_150bpm AM_UDC_Malfunction_Synth Loop_150bpm 150
AM_UDC_Malfunction_2_Synth Loop_150bpm AM_UDC_Malfunction_2_Synth Loop_150bpm 150
AM_UDC_Low Saw Lead 02_Synth Loop_150bpm AM_UDC_Low Saw Lead 02_Synth Loop_150bpm 150
AM_UDC_Low Saw Lead 01_Synth Loop_150bpm AM_UDC_Low Saw Lead 01_Synth Loop_150bpm 150
AM_UDC_Low Rough Scream_Synth Loop_150bpm AM_UDC_Low Rough Scream_Synth Loop_150bpm 150
AM_UDC_Low Growl_Synth Loop_150bpm AM_UDC_Low Growl_Synth Loop_150bpm 150
AM_UDC_Low Fat Stab_Synth Loop_150bpm AM_UDC_Low Fat Stab_Synth Loop_150bpm 150
AM_UDC_Low Alien Talk_Synth Loop_150bpm AM_UDC_Low Alien Talk_Synth Loop_150bpm 150
AM_UDC_Lead 02_Synth Loop_150bpm AM_UDC_Lead 02_Synth Loop_150bpm 150
AM_UDC_Lead 01_Synth Loop_150bpm AM_UDC_Lead 01_Synth Loop_150bpm 150
AM_UDC_Lazer Pump_Synth Loop_150bpm AM_UDC_Lazer Pump_Synth Loop_150bpm 150
AM_UDC_Lazer Pump 2_Synth Loop_150bpm AM_UDC_Lazer Pump 2_Synth Loop_150bpm 150
AM_UDC_Laser Scream_Synth Loop_150bpm AM_UDC_Laser Scream_Synth Loop_150bpm 150
AM_UDC_Keys_Synth Loop_150bpm AM_UDC_Keys_Synth Loop_150bpm 150
AM_UDC_Intro Plucks_Synth Loop_150bpm AM_UDC_Intro Plucks_Synth Loop_150bpm 150
AM_UDC_Intro Low Plucks_Synth Loop_150bpm AM_UDC_Intro Low Plucks_Synth Loop_150bpm 150
AM_UDC_High Fat Lead_Synth Loop_150bpm AM_UDC_High Fat Lead_Synth Loop_150bpm 150
AM_UDC_Growl_Synth Loop_150bpm AM_UDC_Growl_Synth Loop_150bpm 150
AM_UDC_Growl Synth_Synth Loop_150bpm AM_UDC_Growl Synth_Synth Loop_150bpm 150
AM_UDC_Grained Talk_Synth Loop_150bpm AM_UDC_Grained Talk_Synth Loop_150bpm 150
AM_UDC_Future Low Stab_Synth Loop_150bpm AM_UDC_Future Low Stab_Synth Loop_150bpm 150
AM_UDC_Fat Scream_Synth Loop_150bpm AM_UDC_Fat Scream_Synth Loop_150bpm 150
AM_UDC_Evolving Scream_Synth Loop_150bpm AM_UDC_Evolving Scream_Synth Loop_150bpm 150
AM_UDC_Electric Scream_Synth Loop_150bpm AM_UDC_Electric Scream_Synth Loop_150bpm 150
AM_UDC_Chord Plucks_Synth Loop_150bpm AM_UDC_Chord Plucks_Synth Loop_150bpm 150