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Sound on Canvas

A larger-than-life bowed instrument

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Sound on Canvas
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Product Overview

Flint is a larger-than-life bowed instrument, available as a Kontakt-based sample library.

Use it to create cinematic pads, organic textures or just to add a different flavor to your favorite strings library.

In order to extend the range of the instrument we used several 6 strings guitars, a 7 strings guitar and a Digitech Whammy.

In order to help the user, while keeping the minimal look of the instrument, we added a help text for every knob/slider/button in the left bottom corner of Kontakt. Go over the object with the cursor to activate it



Bow 1 String, Bow 6 Strings, E-Bow

The instrument contains 3 different techniques: Bow 1 String, Bow 6 Strings, E-Bow.

  • Bow 1 String. A guitar played with a violin bow. Sampled note note by note on a single string;
  • Bow 6 Strings. Every note is produced by all six strings, sounding like a medieval ghironda. Sampled note by note on all six strings, accurately tuned for each note to get the best vibration;
  • E-Bow. The E-Bow is a little instrument which induces forced string vibrations, creating a sustained sound much like a feedback.


You’ll be able to sculpt your sound even more with different effects like:

Delay, Convolution Reverb, Tone EQ, Cut Off Filter and a flexible Arpeggiator.

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Every sample was treated with specific hardware in 3 different type of sound: Raw, Pluck, Pad.

1. Raw. All the original recordings divided in 4 faders:

  • E-Bow;
  • Bow 1 String;
  • Bow 6 Strings;
  • E-Bow Wide (The low register hides some juicy sounds).

Use the faders to mix the samples and create your own sound. If you want a fast attack setting move the horizontal fader to change the sample start offset. This control is very useful in case you want to use the internal arpeggiator in the Fx View.

2. Pluck. These sounds were made by re-sampling the recordings through a tape echo (Echo Chamber EM-30) to create a pluck sound. This work great with the arpeggiator and the wildest convolution reverb presets.

3. Pad. For this groups the original samples were processed in order to create a perfect pad sound. The first fader controls the formant while the second one controls the volume. The square is a fader too! Change it to modify the attack setting and create a smooth fade in.

Try to mix them all to explore an endless variety of sounds!

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