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Black Widow MKII

Kontakt Version Required:
5.8.1 Full Version (Not for Kontakt Player) - learn more
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Synth Magic

Analogue Waveforms. Exciting New Sequencer.

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Black Widow MKII
Synth Magic
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Product Overview

With Black widow we wanted to capture the aggressive effect of using 1960's valve pre-amps and EQ's to dramatically alter the tonal texture of the samples. Some of the samples were recorded using a variety of 1960's valve pre-amps which really added an aggressive tone to some of the sounds. For some samples we drove the valves heavily into the extremes to get a twisted and undulating valve sound that is very gritty and hard hitting. We also indluded samples that are not effected by valves, so you get a nice balance.

Suffice to say it is easy to produce huge aggressive analogue sounds with Black Widow and it is also easy to create gentle sounds if you so wish.

Black Widow has two Oscillators comprising of 38 waveforms which can be selected via the waveform menu system and also sequenced (see sequencer info below). All sounds are loaded into the instrument at once and selected via the custom user interface and then mixed together using the variety of controls available from the front panel.

Easily create speaker grinding gritty and aggressive synth sounds, hard and aggressive bass tones, Bite yer head off synths and lead sounds, gorgeous analogue pads and strings, off-the-wall analogue synth sounds and effects.




One of the best parts of Black widow is the sequencer.
The sequencer is actually childs play to use and is another beating heart of Black widow. It has two note input modes: Step mode (think Sequential circuits Pro 1 where you key your notes in via your MIDI keyboard) and the 2nd input method is : draw mode (simply draw in the notes in the note table).

Black Widow sequencer has a cool trick up its sleeve that makes it stand out and is not just a normal sequencer - The sequencer allows for you to sequence which sample (from the set of 38 in oscillator 2)is going to play on any particular beat of the sequence. EG you could have a Square wave play on beat 1, a PWM wave on beat 2, an aggressive valve tone on beat 3 a ressy bass tone....etc etc

This allows for interesting tonal textures to be sequenced as you also sequence filter cutoff and res and filter decay to get those snappy sequencers grooving. It also has loads of randomises so you can create random sequences, randomise the sample sequencer, flip them on their heads, shift them left/right.

It is childs play to get interesting and groovy sequencer patterns going with Black Widow and you can store them in memory and retrigger them within your DAW.

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This new sequencer can also sequence sample waveforms, so each step of the sequence can play a different waveform. Transpose to any key in real time by following what you play on the keyboard.

Reverse, shift left or right the entire sequence, plus sequence start and end times can also be adjusted and all sequences and sequence data can be stored in any of the 8 memory locations for instant playback. Each sequencer memory can be activated by hand or you can send midi notes via your DAW to Black Widow and it will select the required sequence memory.


The sequencer makes it perfect for Dance music, Electronic rock, Depeche Mode-type sequence lines and bass, Insdustrial, krautrock etc.

Stuck for bass line or sequence ideas? Black Widow’s sequencer will prove very useful; simply key in some notes from your keyboard, select the root key and adjust the sequence using the shift left/right/reverse keys to get some new ideas flowing. Black Widow has a full effects section and can be polyphonic, or you can make it monophonic by pressing the mono mode dial on the user interface. As with all our instruments there’s also a small memory footprint. All samples are streamed directly from your hard drive, not your RAM memory.

Black widow comes supplied with over 270 presets.

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  • NEW Black Widow MKII
  • Updated sequencer, samples, effects
  • Many new features added.
  • Sampled using vintage valves
  • Kontakt 5.8.1 or higher - FULL version only (Not for Kontakt Player)
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