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Kontakt Version Required:
5.5.2 Full Version (Not for Kontakt Player) - learn more
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Sound Aesthetics Sampling

FREE Granular Engine

Product Overview

This library is the main core of an upcoming huge FREEBIE for Kontakt 5.

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It contains only the main engine, but the final library will include a lot of factory sounds for you to start with. Anyways...You can already use this to mangle your own samples. Simply load them via the mapping editor inside kontakt (we'll post a video containing the basic setup asap) and start your own sounddesign :)

the idea behind this was to create pads, atmospheres and ambiences even from percussive instruments like a glockenspiel, chimes, marimba etc. without having to timestretch the sounds. it is furthermore recommended to bounce what you create with Granularis, because depending on grain size and amount CPU load can increase rapidly.

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  • Up to 10 sounds per patch (Tune, Volume and Start Position are recalled for each individually)
  • a filter, that is applied to each grain (Can be used to create sparkle like sounds)
  • Basic Fx like: Reverb(Algo), Delay, Eq, Phaser, Flanger, LoFi
  • Powerful Randomization (Position, pan, tune, volume)
  • Full grain shaping (attack, size, amount, detune)

Now create some cool sounds with this!


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