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LoFi Piano

Kontakt Version Required:
5.8 Full Version (Not for Kontakt Player) - learn more
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Authentic Cassette Piano

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LoFi Piano
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Product Overview

Recorded directly onto an old and dusty cassette recorder, Lofi Piano features a beautiful upright piano combined with authentic cassette artifacts, perfectly suited to anyone looking to bring in the lofi aesthetic into their productions.


Key Features


• Kontakt 5.8.0 or later
• The FULL version of Kontakt is required to load this instrument. Kontakt Player will load in DEMO mode.
• 1GB Disk Space


• 1275
• 4 Velocities per note
• 3 Round Robins

Download Size

• 887.2MB
• (953.9MB Uncompressed)


Over 1270 Samples

3 Characterful Reverbs

3 reverbs chosen specifically for the lofi aesthetic help place your lofi piano into a completely different space. Choose from an old gramophone reverb, a medium sized study room, and an epic expanse for ambient lofi feels.

Tape Saturation

Add tape color with the saturation control. Bring in subtle saturation for a warmer sound, or drive it for a crunchier, burned-out recording that emulates worn out tape heads or low quality cassette tapes.

Each note has been recorded at multiple velocities and has multiple variations, so each note has a slightly different response depending on how and when it’s played, just as you’d expect with any instrument.


Sounding like a recording straight out of someone’s basement in the ’80s, this piano has all the characteristics of Lofi you’d expect straight out of the box. We went to the length to record every single note directly to cassette tapes to provide you with the authentic vintage lofi sound. No more fiddling with tape emulations – this Lofi Piano is the reel deal. Don’t expect a pitch perfect and pristine piano.

We’ve concentrated on providing controls that have a more immediate impact on the lo-fi sound we’ve all come to expect – noise, saturation, filtering and reverb, all available on the UI straight away. You can also shape the sound with amplitude envelopes and filters to taste. Use the high pass to remove even more low frequencies or trim the attack for a slower, reversed-like piano effect.

Supporting image for LoFi Piano

Background Noise Texture

Extreme care was taken in removing the cassette noise from the original recordings and providing it as a separate control. Not only do you have direct control of the cassette noise level and filtering of the noise, we’ve also provided rain and vinyl noise sources. Add rain for a sad lo-fi atmosphere, blend with cassette noise and add some vinyl crackle to your taste.

Supporting image for LoFi Piano

Tape FX

If you want added cassette emulation, we’ve included those too. Just switch between the bottom tabs to show controls for flutter, wow and dropouts to degrade the sound even more.

Supporting image for LoFi Piano

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