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Maschine MIDI Drum Patterns 2


Over 4300 MIDI Files!

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Maschine MIDI Drum Patterns 2
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Product Overview

Maschine MDP (1&2) are midi packs for easy creation of drum loops/breaks.
Because user can create any kind of combination of separate drum elements patterns it is very easy to make your own drum loops and breaks.

Maschine Midi Drum Patterns 2 is second and final instalment in the series. There are all-new midi patterns, slightly more than in the first part (1st: almost 4k, MDP2 over 4,3K individual midi files).

Despite the name Maschine MIDI Drum Patterns, it can be used in other DAWs/samplers in the same or similar way.

The MIDI files were made for creating broken/irregular type of beats in first place but can still be used for other elements (hi-hats, percussion) in all genres. If your interest is half-time beats, we created MIDIs for that too.

All MIDI files are in 4/4 and don't have any BPM information (usable at any tempo).




Below is the list of all DAWs tested and results.

Most work the same way as within Maschine (v2, v1 wasn't tested) ie without any need for "special" settings: FL studio, Ableton, Cakewalk Sonar, Reaper, MuLab, Bitwig, Studio One. We couldn't test in more DAWs, so to be sure it will work on your machine please download the demo to test. More details about our tests are in the manual, which is included in the demo also.

  • To ensure wider compatibility sfz and Kontakt templates are provided, detailed instructions included in pdf.
  • Total number of midi files is 4320 divided into categories.
  • Demo is heavily stripped version (only 5% of full version) but still contains over 200 MIDI files and templates too, no license or other differences.

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