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Granular Dreams

Stingray Instruments

Analogue synths, distant keyboards, percussion, and massive sound expanses

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Granular Dreams
Stingray Instruments
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Product Overview

Granular Dreams is a collection of 120 presets with 86 double dipped granular sound-sources.

The theme of the sound-set is rooted in an imaginary cinematic sci fi world full of warm analogue synth sounds, distant keyboards, unsettling percussion, and massive, unpredictable sound expanses that are only limited by your mind!  Yes, your mind, your experimental mind!





The sound-set came about during a typical conference call over at Stingray Towers.  Breakfast comprised of a healthy bowl of granola whilst listening to the experimental wonderment of Philip Glass, Steve Reich, and a bit of John Carpenter.  So it came to be, Granular Dreams was born.  We sampled every-day instruments and items, granulising them once at source and once more if we felt lucky within the Omnisphere engine.  This resulted in wonderful soundscapes, crazy mod-wheel controls and created timbres that are simply astonishing. Not stopping there, we sampled percussive elements, synths, guitars, and playable key instruments, all wrapped up with a soundscape/drone creator that can traverse the epoch of time.  
Yes, it is time to granulise your music, no wait, your life!  Dream different, dream granular!

Granular Dreams is for Omnisphere 2.6 or better and contains 120 presets with 86 sound sources and is fully compatible with Plugin-Guru Unify.  It’s a little bit grainy!

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