Cinematic Head Nod

Cinematic Head Nod

Strategic Audio

'Cinematic Head Nod' from Strategic Audio is just as the title suggests. This is a new hip hop sample pack is filled with musicality and hardcore hip hop edge at the same time. The sound is cinematic yet keeps your head nodding as raw hip hop does! It features five Billboard-ready Hip Hop Construction Kits. WAV and MIDI loops are available.

The kits here are inspired by the epic and often orchestral sound of movie scores and soundtracks, blended seamlessly with elements of both Trap and Boom Bap. The focus is on pianos, strings and orchestral sounds along with big epic synth sounds. Our original sound design work is incorporated. These kits are also inspired by artists and producers such as Metro Boomin, Nick Mira, Just Blaze, Zaytoven, J Cole, Kendrick Lamar and Eminem.

With approximately 250MB of epic strings and orchestral sounds, melodic pianos, guitars, basses and drums, this kit is a must have for any producer. Use them in your favourite DAW with ease!

All sounds have been processed by the latest top of the line plugins like Focusrite, IZotope and Waves for that album and radio-ready sound.

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All Samples Name Key BPM
CHN5 75 Amin_Full WAV Sample_No Drums_No Bass CHN5 75 Amin_Full WAV Sample_No Drums_No Bass Amin 75
CHN4 80 Cmin_Full WAV Sample_No Drums_No Bass CHN4 80 Cmin_Full WAV Sample_No Drums_No Bass Cmin 80
CHN3 90 Gmin_Full WAV Sample_No Drums_No Bass CHN3 90 Gmin_Full WAV Sample_No Drums_No Bass Gmin 90
CHN2 85 Bmin_Full WAV Sample_No Drums_No Bass CHN2 85 Bmin_Full WAV Sample_No Drums_No Bass Bmin 85
CHN1 93 Cmin_Full WAV Sample_No Drums_No Bass CHN1 93 Cmin_Full WAV Sample_No Drums_No Bass Cmin 93
CHN5_Drumloop_75 CHN5_Drumloop_75 75
CHN4_Drumloop_80 CHN4_Drumloop_80 80
CHN3_Drumloop_90 CHN3_Drumloop_90 90
CHN2_Drumloop_85 CHN2_Drumloop_85 85
CHN1_Drumloop_93 CHN1_Drumloop_93 93
CHN5_Drumloop_75 Dry CHN5_Drumloop_75 Dry 75
CHN4_Drumloop_80 Dry CHN4_Drumloop_80 Dry 80
CHN3_Drumloop_90 Dry CHN3_Drumloop_90 Dry 90
CHN2_Drumloop_85 Dry CHN2_Drumloop_85 Dry 85
CHN1_Drumloop_93 Dry CHN1_Drumloop_93 Dry 93
CHN5_Snare_75 CHN5_Snare_75 75
CHN5_Snap_75 CHN5_Snap_75 75
CHN5_Pluck_75_Amin CHN5_Pluck_75_Amin Amin 75
CHN5_Piano_75_Amin CHN5_Piano_75_Amin Amin 75
CHN5_Pad_75_Amin CHN5_Pad_75_Amin Amin 75
CHN5_Mono Synth_75_Amin CHN5_Mono Synth_75_Amin Amin 75
CHN5_Lush Strings_75_Amin CHN5_Lush Strings_75_Amin Amin 75
CHN5_Kick_75 CHN5_Kick_75 75
CHN5_Hi Hat_75 CHN5_Hi Hat_75 75
CHN5_Grunge Flute_75_Amin CHN5_Grunge Flute_75_Amin Amin 75
CHN5_808_75_Amin CHN5_808_75_Amin Amin 75
CHN4_Sub Bass_80_Cmin CHN4_Sub Bass_80_Cmin Cmin 80
CHN4_Stringy Lead_80_Cmin CHN4_Stringy Lead_80_Cmin Cmin 80
CHN4_Snare_80 CHN4_Snare_80 80
CHN4_Pluck_80_Cmin CHN4_Pluck_80_Cmin Cmin 80
CHN4_Open Hat_80 CHN4_Open Hat_80 80
CHN4_Kick_80 CHN4_Kick_80 80
CHN4_Hi Hat_80 CHN4_Hi Hat_80 80
CHN4_Guitar_80_Cmin CHN4_Guitar_80_Cmin Cmin 80
CHN4_Degraded Keys_80_Cmin CHN4_Degraded Keys_80_Cmin Cmin 80
CHN3_Strings_90_Gmin CHN3_Strings_90_Gmin Gmin 90
CHN3_Stacc Strings_90_Gmin CHN3_Stacc Strings_90_Gmin Gmin 90
CHN3_Stacc Strings2_90_Gmin CHN3_Stacc Strings2_90_Gmin Gmin 90
CHN3_Snare_90 CHN3_Snare_90 90
CHN3_Kick_90 CHN3_Kick_90 90
CHN3_Hi Hat_90 CHN3_Hi Hat_90 90
CHN3_Grand Piano_90_Gmin CHN3_Grand Piano_90_Gmin Gmin 90
CHN3_Choir_90_Gmin CHN3_Choir_90_Gmin Gmin 90
CHN3_Bass_90_Gmin CHN3_Bass_90_Gmin Gmin 90
CHN2_Violins_85_Bmin CHN2_Violins_85_Bmin Bmin 85
CHN2_Stacc Strings_85_Bmin CHN2_Stacc Strings_85_Bmin Bmin 85
CHN2_Snare_85 CHN2_Snare_85 85
CHN2_Piano_85_Bmin CHN2_Piano_85_Bmin Bmin 85
CHN2_Pad_85_Bmin CHN2_Pad_85_Bmin Bmin 85
CHN2_Open Hat_85 CHN2_Open Hat_85 85
CHN2_Kick_85 CHN2_Kick_85 85
CHN2_Crash_85 CHN2_Crash_85 85
CHN2_Closed Hat_85 CHN2_Closed Hat_85 85
CHN2_808_85_Bmin CHN2_808_85_Bmin Bmin 85
CHN1_Tom_93 CHN1_Tom_93 93
CHN1_Strings_93_Cmin CHN1_Strings_93_Cmin Cmin 93
CHN1_Staccato Strings_93_Cmin CHN1_Staccato Strings_93_Cmin Cmin 93
CHN1_Snare_93 CHN1_Snare_93 93
CHN1_Shaker_93 CHN1_Shaker_93 93
CHN1_Piano_93_Cmin CHN1_Piano_93_Cmin Cmin 93
CHN1_Lead_93_Cmin CHN1_Lead_93_Cmin Cmin 93
CHN1_Kick_93 CHN1_Kick_93 93
CHN1_Hi Hat_93 CHN1_Hi Hat_93 93
CHN1_Bass_93_Cmin CHN1_Bass_93_Cmin Cmin 93
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