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How do I load Kontakt Instruments in Kontakt?

There are several ways to load Kontakt instruments.  Kontakt files have the extension .nki and Kontakt multis have the extension .nkm.  You need to preserve the folder structure of the libraries to ensure the samples folder doesn’t get moved from its current location.  You can drag .nki and .nkm files directly from your computer into Kontakt. You can also use the file browser inside of Kontakt to locate and load files.

Here's a PDF guide with everything you need to know in order to download, extract and open Kontakt libraries: PDF Guide

The quickest method however is to use the Kontakt Quick Load function.  Once you have Quick Load set up you can easily browse all your libraries and load up individual patches directly.  Here’s a great video that I always show to people when they want to know more about Quick Load.

There are also some great articles on our blog which cover this subject in detail:


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