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What are Snapshots and how do I use them?

Snapshots are a great way of managing presets within Kontakt.  Rather than loading individual .nki files you can now browse, load and save your own Snapshots.  They load quicker than .nki files, take up less space and can be easily located.  They can also be browsed using NKS hardware such as an S-Series keyboard from Native Instruments. Many of the products you purchase from Kontakt Hub will have a folder named snapshots inside. This folder needs to be copied to a specific location on your computer.

The easiest way to locate your snapshots folder is to open up the instrument then click the 'Spanner' to open up the inner working of Kontakt. Click 'Instrument Options' then 'Snapshot' then click 'Show' - Paste your provided snapshots in this location.

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