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What are Kontakt ‘Player’ libraries?

If you have the ‘Full’ version of Kontakt then you can open any Kontakt library (provided you have the correct release – See FAQ ‘What version of Kontakt do I need?’ for details).

Kontakt Player libraries are slightly different, these can be loaded in the free version of Kontakt known as ‘Kontakt Player’.  This means you can purchase Kontakt Player instruments and open them without needing to own the full version of Kontakt.  You can also install Kontakt Player libraries inside Kontakt, so you can view them and load them directly from the libraries panel. 

However, there are far less Kontakt Player libraries available on the market – This is because they are more costly to develop.

Kontakt Player libraries also require a serial number and must be registered with Native Instruments before you can use them.  If you purchase a Kontakt Player library from Kontakt Hub you will receive this code via email after your purchase.  You will then need to install the library in Kontakt and enter the serial in order to use the product.

Kontakt libraries that have not been made for Kontakt Player do not require a serial number so you can load them up in the full version of Kontakt and start using them straight away. You will not be able to install them into the libraries panel inside Kontakt though.  About 90% of all libraries you will find will require the Full version of Kontakt so we highly recommend you get the full version if you want to experience everything that Kontakt has to offer.

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