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Why are some products not downloadable directly from Loot Audio?

Different developers use different methods to deliver product files.  While the majority of the products on Loot Audio can be downloaded directly from us you will find some of them are delivered using other methods.  Continuata is a popular method but some developers like to deliver the product files themselves.

If that is the case then you will see the product page says ‘Delivery Method – Developer Distributes’ – Once you purchase a product that is distributed by the developer themselves then you will receive an email from the developer with instructions on how to download your product.  As this is a manual process it may take a little while for the developer to get in touch due to time-zone differences.

Some other developers such as Big Fish Audio and Best Service prefer to deliver product files directly. In this case you will be provided with a serial number which you must redeem on the developers website.

More information can be found in your account when you purchase these products.

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